The Influence of Dispositional and Contextual Factors as Possible Determinants on Adolescent Suicide Ideation


  • Ancel Andrew George University of the Free State Bloemfontein



Suicidal Ideation, resilience, satisfaction with life, stressful life experience, dispositional and contextual factors.


The incidence of adolescent suicide has become a source of concern in our societies, as suicide rates have nearly trebled in some industrialised countries, with South Africa showing a similar increase. To investigate factors contributing to this concern, a quantitative, crosssectional and correlational approach was used. By utilising an existing data set, a group of 981 Grade 10 learners were selected through random sampling. The sample encompassed urban and rural areas and was distributed across race, gender, and socio-economic groups. The Suicide Ideation Questionnaire, Resilience Scale, Satisfaction with Life, South African

Substance Abuse Inventory, and the Stressful Life Events Scale were used to measure the required variables. A hierarchical regression analysis was performed with dispositional and contextual factors significantly contributing to the variance in adolescent suicide ideation. This study concluded that dispositional factors appeared to have a strong determining influence on adolescent suicide behaviour, alluding to the importance of one’s disposition. However, other contextual factors such as family structure and received and perceived social support systems cannot be discounted.


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Accepted 2017-03-08
Published 2017-07-17