A Process Model of Social Development Supervision in Social Work


  • Mpumelelo Ncube University of Johannesburg




social work, supervision in social work, social development, pedagogy of social work supervision, process model


Supervision practice in social work is understood as the mainstay of the profession. However, various studies have pointed to the inadequacies of supervision to facilitate quality service provision. Previous studies have reflected a general misalignment between the approach to supervision practice and the approach to social work practice as one inadequacy leading to the failure of supervision practice. Although there are numerous supervision models in the profession, some of which are aligned with certain practice approaches, none is directly identifiable with the social development approach, which should be at the core of social work orientation in South Africa. Thus, this article provides a process model of supervision in social work that aims to establish a dialectical relationship between supervision and the social development practice approach. The study was underpinned by Thomas’ research and design process, which was used to design and develop a social work supervision model mirroring a social development approach. The paper concludes with recommendations related to the use of the developed model.


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Author Biography

Mpumelelo Ncube, University of Johannesburg

Lecturer of Social Work 

Univerisity of Johannesburg




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Ncube, Mpumelelo. 2019. “A Process Model of Social Development Supervision in Social Work”. Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development 31 (2):22 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2415-5829/4960.



Received 2018-10-23
Accepted 2019-08-07
Published 2019-09-26